About Me

Name       :     R. Sreenivasan
Location   :     Chennai, India
Mail id      :     rsreeni.mail@gmail.com

    I don't know how much of information about myself would be relevant. If I am not boring you, let me share few of my interests.

I pursue research on the following fields
1. Embedded Systems and VLSI design
    My current work is examining the complexity of task buckets. Task buckets is a term that I have coined which is a systematic study of inherent parallelism in an otherwise sequential task. While this study is not new, I am working on developing systems that employ hardware and software of different platforms but provide scalable units of computation.
2. Philosophy
    Personally, I never take anything for granted and that includes religious beliefs. That being said, we cannot ignore anything and everything that is said in any particular religion. In my humble view, a religion becomes a guiding light when it does not hinder independent thinking. The same religion becomes a source of obligation when it needs to be followed throughout life, without the least of understanding. A religion must encourage one to reason, to question and to ignore itself. That is how and when a religion qualifies to become a guiding light.
3. Phonetics and Music
     While we all love to hear good music of our choice, seldom do we think about why music impacts human mind. As we know, from a physical perspective, music(good) is patterns of sound that is pleasing. There are two aspects. One is generic grammar that includes rhythm and octaves. The second one is choice of music which is culturally related. The first one is very interesting to explore. With little reasoning, we will come to know that even a person without the least knowledge about musical grammar can identify tonal mismatch, and wrong rhythms. Like when we listen to children playing instruments, we can perceive the right and wrong without actually knowing the syllables of music. In other words, the grammar for music is pre-programmed in our mind. Another good example is drawing a circle say on a sandy surface. With some practice, anyone with or without education can draw a decent looking circle. If we look at the mathematics of it, the individual actually traces the function x^2 + y^2 = a^2 by sub consciously or unconsciously feeding the values for x, y and a. With little more involvement, a person can draw almost a perfect circle by choosing a stick whose length is approximately equal to the radius a, keeping one end of the stick fixed at the center and rotating the stick through 360 degrees. The reason is to highlight the beauty and significance of intelligence. We realize, that it is impossible to build the most powerful computer system that can perform a small innovation like this. We humans have emotions and a major portion of our thinking is guided by our emotion. The person who uses his creativity to construct the circle is guided by his emotions.
     Phonetics is the study of human speech. It is believed that phonetics originated in ancient India. Panini, for example has done lots of work on language and grammar as early as 500 BC.